how much do you NEED to eat? ( it maybe a lot less than you think)

Every day you put food into your mouth…

do you take notice of what and how much…

or are you scrolling through your feeds and just going through the motions….

what if at the end of the week you weighed yourself and you had gained a few pounds……

with a look of horror would you wonder where that came from…..

or would you think ….

if ony i had not had that mac…then maybe it would be different.

how many calories do you need ot stay the same weight

well there is a small calculator below that if you put in your weight, age, height and lifestyle it will tell you how much you need for protein, fat and carbs per day.

this is an estimate, as i don’t know you personally, so i don’t see your body type….

but it is a good starting point if you want ot maintain your current weight level….

if over a couple of weeks you gain a bit more Рthen reduce the maintenance  level by 200 calories

try to keep up the level of protein – as this helps with fat burning along wth trying to keep your muscles there while losing the fat….

this shows you the grams of protein, fats and carbs you need

what you really need its to put this into real terms….

100g of chicken breast contans 31g of protein with 3.6g of fats… so for mr average in the calculator as you opened it ( 175g male 66 in 50 year old leading a sedentary life) it is 1/3 of the required protein…and 1/20th of the fat levels…

one of the reasons why bodybuilders max out on chicken is you need protein to build muscle – but too much can be stored as fat , so no point overdoing it …

butter on toast – the butter is assumed to be 5g and will be 45 calories and the toast – well wholemeal bread per slice is about 12g of carbs, 1g of fat and 2g of protein…..

so you can see most of us do overeat – or drink….

everything bar pure water contains calories…..

and we have become used to eating…anytime…anywhere…without thinking about it….

to adjust back to a level that is sufficient ot just sustain us…most would have to reduce by 50% what we currently eat.

another way is to get more active…ten we need to reduce less….

but it is back to a calories in vs vcalories out equation…

i know some don’t believe it but that is the basics of the basal metabolic rate level, your body needs a certain amount of calories just to keep you alive, then you move and this takes more…..your maintenance level….any other increase in activity with burn more calories…

but as with al of these it is just an estimate….

to get your real figure you will need to experiment a bit

weigh yourself every day for a week – when you first get out of bed and record it

average over the week….

eat what you normally do and do what you normally do and weigh yourself a week later…

have you gained weight …yes

reduce your calorie intake by 200 calories, try to leave the protein level alone…

have you lost weight ….yes

you can eat more to maintain your weight…

if you feel that you will be hungry ten you can add more carbs….

1 cup of broccoli contains 6g of carbs and 2g of protein, and as average man has 248 carbs to play with that is an awful lot of broccoli…even i would be full……

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