Body Mass Index (BMI) does it mean anything

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When you are starting to look at getting healthy or have been to the doctors you may have had BMI or Body mass Index thrown at you.

With a shake of the head and a grim voice saying ‘you’re Obese…we need to do something about that…..’

what does it actually mean and is it as bad as it comes across….

let’s find out shall we.

Calculate Your Own BMI

ok so the form above takes your height and weight and calculates your BMI

it may be a tiny bit different to what you have already been told, but this will onlybe down to rounding errors.

It is the general gist of the number you are interested in.

if you are close to 30 or above and you are not very muscular then really you could do with losing a few lbs

how much…well use the scroll by the weight to reduce it and see where the ideal value comes out and look at around that as your target weight.

but what does it actually mean….

what is BMI




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